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The 07-Ghost Dressing Room!
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07-Ghost freeform roleplay!
HI. Welcome to the 07-Ghost Dressing Room! Have a temporary profile and layout while we get this place set up and running!

This is a community for roleplay based on the series 07-Ghost by Amemiya Yuki and Ichihara Yukino! The characters posting here are fictional and not owned by the moderators of this community nor the players. All you need to do to join in the fun is make a journal for your character of choice, join the community, and get to posting!

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. HAVE FUN!

  2. Only 07-Ghost characters are allowed! AUs are allowed (for example, "Teito if he had become Ayanami's begleiter" or "Hakuren if he were from the manga Soul Eater"), of course, but OCs and characters from other series are not.

  3. Duplicates are allowed and inevitable. You are not going to be the only Teito playing here, most likely.

  4. In accordance with the above fact and the Golden Rule and all that good stuff, please be courteous to one another in your interaction, play, and criticism should you choose to offer or accept it. This is a dressing room, and anyone can play; it's all for fun! Please don't attack anyone based on their characterization or anything else. None of us are the creators of this manga!

  5. Do please try to stay as IC as possible, though!

  6. No godmoding. In other words, please do not do anything that affects or controls someone else's character without their permission. An example of this would be if Shuri posts and you go into his post and stab him in the throat. While we may all want to do that from time to time, it's not so awesome for Shuri's player! Please communicate with one another when it comes to that sort of thing, using LJ's PM system, email, AIM, or any method you choose.


Your creator/mod is rinkhals, backed up by her illustrious team of plusqueparfait, kangawu, goremet, and whoever else wants to sit around and very likely do nothing but enjoy a false sense of authority on the Internets.